DVD release in France!

MADAME is out on DVD in France. A beautiful object, manufactured and distributed by Outplay!

Available now in retail stores or online (FNAC, Amazon, etc.)

MADAME on Swiss TV!

MADAME is airing on Swiss National Television RTS2 on Sunday, February 14 at 22h05.


TV Program

MADAME selected at MyFrenchFilmFestival!

MADAME available wordwide from January 15 until February 15, 2021 on

Watch now in more than 90 countries, subtitled in 10 languages, and for free in Latin America, Africa, South East Asia, South Korea, Poland, Romania and Russia/CEI.


Thanks to SWISS FILMS, UniFrance and my world sales agency Lightdox!


Release in the United States on January 12th, 2021!

DVD / Bluray / VOD

Altered Innocence
Los Angeles


MADAME selected for the new education program VISIONS DU REEL AT SCHOOL, offering the film to classes for free in Switzerland, along with an educational kit to address homophobia and sexism at school.

Fantastic initiative!

MADAME premieres in Israel!

Madame will celebrate its Israeli premiere in official selection at TLVFest in Tel Aviv!

Available online from November 11 til 20, 2020

UK Premiere in London!

Madame will celebrate its UK premiere in official selection at Raindance Festival in London!

Online screening on Saturday October, 31 at 5:30pm.

Colombian Premiere in Bogotá!

Madame will celebrate its Colombian Premiere at the 22nd Muestra International Documental de Bogotá MIDBO!

October 26 – November 2, 2020

Austrian Premiere in Vienna!

Madame will celebrate its Austrian Premiere at the Festival du Film Francophone in Vienna!

Screening on October 8, 2020 at 8:30pm at Votivkino.

MADAME wins 12th Award!

Madame wins its 12th Award! Best Documentary at FIRE! Mostra Internacional de Cinema Gai i Lesbià de Barcelona! Muchísimas gracias a Antoine Leonetti y todo el equipe del festival!

MADAME nominated for Best Editing!

The editor Natali Barrey is nominated for Best Editing at the most prestigious Film Editing Festival in Germany EDIMOTION for MADAME! Congratulations, well deserved!

MADAME in Barcelona!

Catalunya Premiere in Barcelona at Mostra FIRE! International Festival

From September 10 to 20, 2020, watch online on Filmin

MADAME in Lithuania!

Lithuanian Premiere at Vilnius Queer International Film Festival Kreives

Screening on September 10 at 6:20pm, hosted by my friend filmmaker and LGBT activist Romas Zabarauskas

More festivals in France!

MADAME selected at Festival IN&OUT in Nice, Cannes and Toulon!

Cannes: Friday 4 September 2020 19h15  Cinéma Les Arcades

Nice: Sunday 13 September 2020 19h30 Cinéma Le Mercury (I will be present))

Toulon: Sunday 27 September

More infos: official site IN&OUT

And MADAME is also selected at Festival VUES D’EN FACE in Grenoble

Screening Sunday 20 September 13h30 Cinéma Le Club


“A grace and a tenderness that go straight to the heart.” Le Monde

“An example.” Libération

“Touching and luminous.” Le Canard Enchaîné

“A jewel.” Elle Magazine

“Overwhelming by its sobriety and sincerity.” Le Nouvel Obs

“Moving.” Télérama

“Intelligent and profound.” Ouest France

“Deeply touching.” Première

“Majestic. Simple. Superb.” French Mania

“Beautiful and moving like when you hug someone you love.” 20 Minutes

“A documentary love-letter to a high-powered grandma. Reality-TV before its time. A deeply personal film.” France TV Info

“Stéphane Riethauser exposes himself to challenge gender issue, to flinch us, to implicate us. A movie film about two people who emancipated from male domination.” L’Humanité

“What if the best stories were our own? What if the biggest adventure was just trying to be oneself? A heart-rending, political home-movie, Madame shows us the fabrication of an identity through the prism of a family, its hidden corners, its tacit rules and its orderly celebrations.” Têtu Magazine

“The strength of Madame is to link the intimate with the political, mirroring our collective experience, without demonizing it, only striving to understand. It is without a doubt a message of public interest: Madame gives hope, reminding us that human beings are not determined but free to change and to love.” Le Bleu du Miroir

“Tender, funny and universal. Frankly captivating.” Chacun cherche son film

“Disarmingly accurate. Striking. A total success.” Zibeline

“Visually remarkable. Beautiful and intelligent.” Cinemaccro

“You are moved. You laugh, you cry. A pure masterpiece.” Fou de Théâtre

“With Madame, Stéphane Riethauser somehow invented the ‘feel good documentary’. Glorious.” FroggyDelight

“Sublime images. Unapologetic, ambitious cinema, sometimes overwhelming, sometimes funny, sometimes annoying but always of exemplary sincerity and honesty.” Komitid.fr

“Woven with moving archives material, lifted by a romantic fluidity and a captivating soundtrack, the film permanently changes the tone. We laugh, we cry. Magic of the editing, or delicacy of the glance? Even the painful moments are told with tenderness.” Arthur Dreyfus, Magazine ArtPassions

“Everybody will find something particular in this luminous story, whether about the construction of one’s sexual identity or about the relationship we have with our forebears. An enchanting film.” A voir à lire

“By subliming the anecdotic of what is shown, this biography immediately takes a universal dimension, without losing an intense subjectivity that goes straight to the heart. An exceptional documentary.” Bande à part

“A magnificent documentary about the difficulty to emancipate from the expectations of the others.” Les Ecrans Terribles

“A sincere work, full of humanity, touching the universal. A must see.” P.A.F. / Pop and Films

“Astonishing and touching.” Unification France

“A hymn to love, difference and self-acceptation.” Spoon of Moon

“A documentary of rare sensitivity.” Placement libre

“An ode to freedom and independence.” Tribu Move

“Stéphane Riethauser offers a poignant, previously unseen perspective on internalized homophobia and sexism, and on the queer ways to get out of it.” Le Polyester

“A documentary that is more than necessary.” Zickma.fr

“A troubling, beautiful double portrait of a conservative young boy going through the difficult path of becoming a gay man and of the lady that was, even more than his own mother, the woman of his life.” Sens Critique


MADAME is released in France on August, 26, 2020!

Premiere at Cinéma Majestic Bastille on Aug. 20 at 7pm.

Look at all the pictures of the premiere here!

Distribution Outplay Films

MADAME in Brazil!

Madame selected at 8° Panorama do Cinema Suíço in Brazil!

Watch the film online for free from Aug 31 to Sept 2 here.

Thanks to Swissfilms and to the Swiss Consulate in São Paulo.

MADAME in the Ukraine!

Ukraine Premiere at the 49th International Molodist Film Festival in Kiev.

Screening in the cinema Aug. 28 + 29, 2020.

Followed by a Q&A with curator Bohdan Zhuk.

Thank you Swiss Films for their support.

MADAME in South Africa!

African Premiere at 20th ENCOUNTERS South African International Documentary Film Festival.

Online screening Aug 25th, followed by a live conversation with curator Peter Machen, you can watch it here.

Thank you Swiss Films for their support.

MADAME wins its 11th Award!

27 May 2020 – MADAME wins its 11th Award in Greece!

Special Jury Mention Mermaid Award at the 22nd Thessaloniki International Documentary Film Festival

“For its inventive use of music and archives in an intimate video diary that succeeds in breaking the boundaries of a boy’s personal confession/coming out to his grandmother to become a moving universal essay on the concepts of toxic masculinity, patriarchy, homophobia and femininity, as well as an act of reconciliation between the past and the present in a world that’s struggling to change.” (Jury)

MADAME released on DVD in Germany!

May 2020 – MADAME released on DVD in Germany!

Available at your local bookstore (Prinz Eisenherz in Berlin) or at Mediamarkt, Saturn, etc.

Order now on Amazon.de

MADAME released in VOD in Switzerland!

May 2020 – MADAME opens in VOD streaming in Switzerland!
Exclusively on Cinefile.ch!
Watch the film now!
(OV Fra ST Eng/Ger/Ita)


MADAME released in VOD in Germany!

MADAME opens on April 23, 2020 on VOD in Germany and Austria!
Exclusively at the Salzgeber Club!
Watch the movie for only 4,90 €!
(German version)


MADAME released in cinemas in France!

Cinema release France on March 18, 2020!

Special previews in presence of Stéphane Riethauser:

Saint-Michel-sur-Orge, Thursday 12 March – 20h15, Espace Marcel Carné
Blois, Friday 13 March – 20h, Cap Ciné Les Lobis
Rennes, Saturday 14 March – 14h30, Cinéma Les Champs Libres
Dieppe, Sunday 15 March – 16h, Cinéma Grand Forum (cancelled!)

and in Paris, Wednesday 18 March – 20h30 at Mk2 Beaubourg!

MADAME nominated at the Swiss Films Awards!

Madame nominated for Best Documentary at the Swiss Film Awards 2020!

Announced in Solothurn on January 23rd on the Nomination Night

Award Ceremony on March 27, 2020 in Zürich.

(Update 12.3.2020: Award Ceremony cancelled! 😢)

MADAME selected for Audience Award in Solothurn!

Madame selected in Tournai, Belgium

Madame selected at the 10th Ramdam Festival in Tournai!

Screenings in presence of the director:

Tuesday January 21, 2020  14h & 19h

Madame under the Florida sun

Madame in competition at the Dunedin International Film Festival.

Screenings on January 8 and 14, 2020

Madame in Leipzig

Madame screens at the mythical Kinobar Prager Frühling in Leipzig during the Queer Filmwoche.

Sunday January 12, 2020 at 17h

MADAME in cinemas in Germany!

MADAME opens in cinemas in Germany on December 12, 2019!

– Berlin: as of Dec 12th, everyday at 6:30pm in at Kino FSK am Oraninenplatz in Kreuzberg (OV French with German subtitles)
–>Special: Sunday Dec 15th 18h30: Q&A with film team

– Hamburg: Kino Metropolis
–> Special: Monday Dec 16th at 7pm, , with Stéphane Riethauser

– Frankfurt im Mal Seh’n Kino

– Dresden im Kino im Dach

– Nürnberg im Filmhaus, starts 19.12.

– Leipzig im Kinobar Prager Frühling starts 12.1.2020

Presseschau - German Media about MADAME

“Eine doppelte Emanzipationsgeschichte, bewegend und erhellend zugleich.”  Spiegel Online

„Der Film ist diskret, aber deutlich, er zeigt, wie es sein soll: die Liebe als eine Eruption, wie Lava.“  Süddeutsche Zeitung

„Ein humorvolles Portrait.“  ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐  NZZ am Sonntag

„Dem Filmemacher geht es um mehr als um seine Autobiografie: Er macht anschaulich, wie durch öffentliche Bilder und Sprache die heteronormativen Geschlechtercharaktere in die Körper eingeschrieben und „Männer“ und „Frauen“ modelliert werden.“  Kino-zeit.de

„So subjektiv Riethausers Ansatz auch ist, durch seinen klugen Blick auf das Spezielle seines eigenen Lebens, gelingt es ihm Allgemeingültiges über die Gesellschaft zu erzählen und einen Film zu drehen, der nicht nur Homosexuelle angeht, sondern vor allem auch Heterosexuelle.“  Programmkino.de

„Ein feinfühliges Doppelporträt über zwei Leben, die aus heteronormativen Strukturen ausgebrochen sind.“  Queer.de

„Riethauser hat sein vielfältiges Material in einer Weise übereinandergeschichtet, dass visuelle und akustische Ebene gezielt auseinanderklaffen. Die einzelnen Teile fügen sich dabei wie Puzzlestücke zusammen, bis ein Panorama einer patriarchalischen Gesellschaft entsteht, die jeden Menschen in Raster pressen will.“ Sissy Magazin

„Ein unterhaltsames, starkes und schön privates Doppelporträt, das man sehen sollte – sei es, dass man seine Oma vermisst, seine Mutter schätzt oder weil man verstehen will, wie stark auch heute noch scheinbar längst überholte Stereotypen das Leben prägen.“  Blu Magazin

„Madame ist ein bewegendes Familienporträt, ein mutiges Zeitdokument und ein pointierter Appell an die Akzeptan.“ Filmexplorer

3-SAT TV reports!

„Stéphane Riethauser errichtet seiner 90-jährigen Großmutter ein filmisches Denkmal. (…) Ein Dokumentarfilm über zwei unangepasste Zeitgenossen – hautnah, selbstironisch und mit viel altem Filmmaterial.“
Kulturzeit, 3SAT (TV)

Ab 12. Dezember 2019 in den deutschen Kinos – alle Termine hier

Preview at MONGAY - Kino International!

Berlin Premiere of MADAME at MONGAY at Kino International on Dec 9, 2019. A dream has come true: to present my film in this mythical theatre! Thank you so much for attending, it was a memorable night!

See pictures here

MADAME in Rome!

MADAME screens at the Swiss Institute in Rome!

Friday December 13th at 8 pm

See pictures here

MADAME in Paris!

MADAME special screening at the Centre Culturel Suisse in Paris!

Thursday December 5th, 2019, 8 pm

Followed by a panel discussion with the writer Arthur Dreyfus

See pictures here

MADAME wins 2 more awards in Montreal!

MADAME wins Jury Award and Audience Award for best documentary at the 32nd Festival Image+Nation Montréal! WOW! That makes it 7 awards! Thank you so much!

MADAME goes to Taiwan!

North American Premiere in New York!

MADAME celebrated its North American Premiere at America’s largest documentary film festival DOC NYC!
What a wonderful welcome, what a pleasure to see all these old friends I hadn’t seen in such a long time!

Pictures of the premiere in New York

Press Review (Switzerland)

“A progressive, feminist, humanist, deeply intimate film. A necessary film.”  Le 19:30, journal Radio Télévision Suisse RTS (2:57 min)

“A manifesto, a declaration of love.”  Le 12:45, journal Radio Télévision Suisse RTS (11:51 min)

“A little miracle. A movie that keeps opening up to the world, that welcomes everyone in his lap.”  La Tribune de Genève

“A wonder of sensitivity and relevance.”  Le Matin Dimanche

“Very beautiful, both poetic and disturbing, funny and revolting. A moving documentary.”  Le Temps

“Luminous and humanistic.” 24 Heures

“Virtuose”  (In)Culture, Stéphane Gobbo, Le Temps

“Powerful and intimate.” Léman Bleu (TV, 6:34 min)

“Admirable. Savory. Deeply moving.” Vertigo, RTS La Première (6:28 min)

Stéphane Riethauser guest of Linn Levy in the show Vertigo on RSR La 1ère (41:23 min)

“A self-portrait without concession, of brutal honesty. An anthem to the conquest of freedom.”  La Liberté


“A movie that comes out of the beaten path and opens the minds.”  Daily Movies Magazine

“A fascinating self-portrait, a film that breaks taboos.”  Magazine 360

“Deeply moving. A jewel to enjoy without moderation.”  Radio Cité Genève

“Poignant and universal.”  ArcInfo

“A touching and tender film.”  Radio Neuchâtel, Fréquence Jura

Madame opens in theatres in Switzerland!

MADAME is out in selected theatres in Switzerland!
Full house at Bio Cinema in Carouge in presence of Mrs. Ruth Dreifuss, former President of the Swiss Confederation for the Gala Premiere.
Thank you to the audience for this incredible warm welcome!

Pictures of Gala Premiere in Geneva

Madame wins 5th Award in France!

MADAME wins Audience Award at the Escales documentaires Festival in La Rochelle!

Madame wins two awards in Portugal!

MADAME wins Jury Award and Audience Award at the Queer Festival in Porto!
RTP national TV will buy the film and show it!

Muito obrigado!

Madame continues its World Tour 2019!

After the awards received in Madrid and Buenos Aires, MADAME continues its world tour 2019. Here’s the program until November:

– Portuguese Premiere at Queer Porto Festival  (Oct 18)*
– Italian Premiere at Bologna Gender Bender Festival (Oct 30)*
– Uruguayan Premiere at Llamale H Festival in Montevideo (Nov 2)
– UK Premiere at Festival QWF Northampton (Nov 9)
– International Competition at 46. Duisburger Filmwoche Germany (Nov 9)*
– Czech Premiere at Prag Mezipatra Festival (Nov 8 Prag, Nov 19 Brno)
– French Premiere at Escales Documentaires à La Rochelle (Nov 10)
– Belgian Premiere at Festival Pink Screens in Bruxelles (Nov 10)*
– US Premiere at DOC NYC in New York (Nov 13)*
– International Competition at 36. Kasseler DokFest Germany (Nov 17)
– Chinese Premiere at Golden Horse International Film Festival Taïpei (Nov 18, 19)*
– Hungarian Premiere at Verzio Human Rights Film Festival (Nov 12-17)
– In Competition at Festival Chéries-Chéris, Paris (Nov 23)
– Canadian Premiere at Festival Image+Nation à Montréal (Nov 24)*
Rome Independent Film Festival (Nov 15-22)
– Paris, special screening, Swiss Cultural Center (Dec 5)*
– Rome, special screening, Swiss Institute (Dec 13)*

*Catch me in one of these cities, I will be there!

Cinema release in Switzerland on October 23rd, 2019!

Tuesday October 22 at 8:30pm, Premiere at Cinema Bio in Carouge in presence of the film team and of Mrs. Ruth Dreifuss, former President of the Swiss Confederation, protagonist of the film.

Stéphane Riethauser will be present at all screenings listed here:

22.10  20h30    Carouge, Cinéma Bio
24.10  20h         Pully, Cinéma CityClub
25.10  18h30    Neuchâtel, Cinéma Rex
25.10  20h30    La Chaux-de-Fonds, Scala
26.10  18h30    Delémont, Cinémont
27.10  12h         Fribourg, Rex
27.10  18h         Sainte-Croix, Royale
30.10  12h         Zürich, Arthouse Le Paris, Lunchkino
31.10  19h         Luzern, Stattkino
01.11  20h         Frauenfeld, Luna Kino
02.11  20h         Winterthur, Cameo
03.11  11h          St. Gallen, KinoK
04.11  18h30     Bern, Quinnie Movie2
05.11  18h15     Monthey, Cinéma Plaza
06.11  18h15     Bulle, Cinémotion Prado
07.11  19h30     Orbe, Cinéma Urba
08.11  18h15     Payerne, Apollo
08.11  20h30    Chexbres, Cinéma de Chexbres
10.11  10h30     Vallée de Joux, Cinéma La Bobine

Also in Vevey at Cinérive Rex, in Château d’Oex Cinéma Eden, in Basel at Kino Atelier, in Aarau at Freier Film, etc.

All locations and schedules on Cineman.ch

Geneva Premiere at Everybody's Perfect!

MADAME in the magazine ArtPassions

Nice critique of MADAME by Arthur Dreyfus in the magazine ArtPassions / September 2019.

Read article

MADAME on Swiss national TV

“A strong, personal story that connects”, says the TV show Kulturplatz of SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen about MADAME.

Watch the video here in replay (from min. 21:50)

Madame on Gayradio.ch!

Stéphane Riethauser as guest on the radio show Queer Beets on Gayradio.ch to talk about Madame.

Listen to the interview (in German):

Queer Beets 22.9.2019

MADAME goes to Albania!

MADAME selected at the International Human Rights Film Festival Albania IHRFFA!

Screening Thursday September 19, 2019 at 6:25pm at the Central State Film Archive in Tirana.

MADAME goes to FFFH in Biel!

MADAME selected at the 15th Festival du Film Français d’Helvétie FFFH!

Screening Saturday September 14th, 2019 at 13h at Cinema Rex, Biel

MADAME awarded in Buenos Aires!

MADAME receives Special Jury Mention at the 7th International Documentary Film Festival Buenos Aires FIDBA!

¡Muchas Gracias!

MADAME travels to Buenos Aires!

South American Premiere in Argentina!

Official selection at the 7th International Documentary Film Festival of Buenos Aires FIDBA!


– Friday Sept 6th 2019 at Cinema Gaumont at 2:45pm

– Saturday Sept 7th 2019 at Cinema Cosmos at 9pm

Triple German Premiere!

MADAME opens in Germany in 3 cities at the Queer Film Festival!

Stuttgart: Thu Aug 29th at 5pm at Delphi Arthouse Kino
Munich: Fri Aug 30th at 7pm at City Kinos
Berlin: Sun Sept 1st at 5pm at Delphi Lux

MADAME seduces Locarno!

Madame conquiers the 72nd Locarno International Film Festival!
Laughs, tears and applause during the screening, in presence of Ruth Dreifuss, former President of the Swiss Confederation, protagonist of the film, and Alain Berset, member of the Federal Council, Head of the Federal Departement of Home Affairs.
Thank you to the sharp audience for this overwhelming warm welcome!

See all pictures

MADAME goes to Locarno!

MADAME in the Indian press!

Madame was screened in June 2019 at the Kerala International Film Festival, and the daily newspaper The Hindu talks about it.

Read the article of The Hindu

MADAME goes to India!

Happy to annouce the official selection of MADAME at the Kerala International Film Festival!


MADAME wins the Jury Prize in Madrid!

MADAME wins the International Competition Jury Prize at the 16th Festival Documenta Madrid! Thank you so much!

Look at the pictures here

International Premiere of MADAME at Documenta Madrid

MADAME selected in International Competition at the 16th Festival Documenta Madrid
Screenings Friday May 10 10pm, Thursday May 16 7:30pm at Cineteca Madrid, and Friday May 17 at 7:30 at Sala Equis.

Documenta Madrid – infos, tickets, etc.

Zurich Premiere of MADAME at Pink Apple

MADAME selected at Queer Festival Pink Apple in Zurich
Sunday May 5 at 16h45 at Cinéma Arthouse Movie

Pink Apple – tickets

MADAME reviewed by Cineuropa

«Disarmingly sincere, with a cathartic dose of good humor.
A moving documentary which gives voice to things unsaid.»

Read full review here

MADAME on Swiss TV culture magazine LA PUCE A L'OREILLE

Stéphane Riethauser guest of La Puce à l’Oreille Thursday April 4 2019 at 22h45 on Swiss Radio Television RTS1 to talk about MADAME

The first 20 min. of the show are dedicated to MADAME

Click here to watch the show (in French)
(need a VPN connected to Switzerland)

World Premiere at the 50th International Documentary Film Festival VISIONS DU REEL in Nyon, Switzerland

MADAME is selected in International Competition Burning Lights and will be presented at the official Swiss National TV RTS night

Saturday April 6th 2019 at 7:30 pm
at Théâtre de Marens, Nyon

Additional screening
Sunday April 7th at 11:45 am
at Cinema Capitole Leone, Nyon

preceded by a “Morning Talks” session at the festival centre with the film team

Infos Festival, Tickets

All screenings open to the public
Get tickets

Theatrical release Fall 2019!

Distribution Switzerland

Distribution Germany and Austria